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Friday, August 10, 2012

Austin Attorney Tip: Working With an HOA Lawyer as a Board Member

When becoming a Board Member of a property association or neighborhood association, most members are volunteers that have never had a similar position before.  This can be a challenging endeavor, particularly since it is an unpaid position (not providing most folks with the time to learn sophisticated property management skills).

Over the next few weeks, LPV will be posting a series of blog entries describing how to work with an HOA lawyer in Texas from a lawyer's point of view.  Understand this is for Board Members and property managers, not a statement of how an individual with a complaint about their HOA should hire a lawyer.  That will be a different series.

This Board Member "Working with an HOA Lawyer" series will be divided into several topic areas, including (but not limited to) attempts at answering the following questions:

1. What lawyer or type of lawyer should our association retain?
2. What practice areas will we likely need to have a lawyer for a neighborhood association?
3. What are reasonable fees and charges for an HOA lawyer?
4. What is the difference between the duties of a board member, a lawyer and a property manager?
5. How should communication with the lawyer be handled?
6. Who should make legal decisions?
7. Should our lawyer attend meetings of the members?
8. Should I ask the HOA lawyer about my personal legal issues?
9. What should I expect for responsiveness of counsel?
10. How should our legal budget be set, and what should it include?

If you have additional question about how to work with a property owners' association lawyer, feel free to post it in comments.

Posted by Austin Attorney Marc Lippincott


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